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13 Mar 2024

MEET TAIWAN Open Arms! Taiwan Welcomes the World with Open Arms!

MEET TAIWAN Open Arms! Taiwan Welcomes the World with Open Arms!
Taiwan Welcomes the World with Open Arms!
MEET TAIWAN Open Arms! Taiwan Welcomes the World with Open Arms!

MEET TAIWAN launched a new marketing campaign for 2023—MEET TAIWAN Open Arms—to demonstrate Taiwan's readiness to welcome business professionals from around the world and to invite international MICE events to be held in Taiwan. With friendly smiles and open arms, Taiwan showcases its enduring warmth and hospitality.

The fresh slogan for this year’s campaign embodies Taiwan’s warm and enthusiastic welcome to business professionals from around the world.

MEET TAIWAN officially released a trilogy of videos based on the Open Arms theme, showcasing various aspects of Taiwan. The first video, Let's MEET TAIWAN Again!, expresses the anticipation of reuniting with old friends after a long separation and the excitement of meeting and exchanging with new friends. Taiwan's arms are open and is saying to the world, let's meet again! Come and experience Taiwan's warm hospitality.

Let's MEET TAIWAN Again! (Videos Link:


The second video, Meet Every Moment!, previews a business trip to Taiwan for foreign professionals, highlighting diverse exhibition activities, professional exhibition services, a wide range of tourist attractions, local cuisine, scenic beauty, and the friendliness of Taiwan. Business professionals are welcome to personally experience the exciting journey of doing business every minute and every second!

Meet Every Moment! (Videos Link:


The trilogy concludes with MEET TAIWAN Open Arms, Open Minds, Open Possibilities, conveying the core message that MEET TAIWAN sincerely invites people from all countries to come and see Taiwan's beautiful scenery with their own eyes, listen to cultural melodies with their ears, and taste local delicacies with their taste buds. Open your senses, open your hearts, and experience the diverse and rich life pulsating in Taiwan, where infinite possibilities for business opportunities await.

MEET TAIWAN Open Arms, Open Minds, Open Possibilities

(Videos Link:


In addition, MEET TAIWAN is launching a series of Open Arms-themed activities on social media platforms. Various overseas promotional activities, such as participating in the IMEX exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, feature an Open Arms-themed Taiwan Pavilion. People from all countries and sectors are welcome to join online and offline, to share the joy and celebrate together. Enthusiasm for MEET TAIWAN Open Arms is spreading as everyone is welcomed with open arms, open minds, and open possibilities!


MEET TAIWAN is organized by the Taiwan International Trade Affair under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and executed by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.
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