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2023 Exhibitor News

17 Jan 2024

Putting AI Insights Into Action

Zenus Stand: A22
Putting AI Insights Into Action

Northstar Meetings Group, the leading global provider of content, research and marketing services for the meetings and events industry, is partnering with Zenus, a leader in ethical AI data solutions, to demonstrate how AI can provide real-time, actionable insights into attendee sentiment.

The new collaboration, to be officially launched at Northstar’s upcoming Independent Planner Education Conference (IPEC), January 21-23 at the Hyatt Regency Greenville in South Carolina, will provide live demonstrations of how to integrate AI into events to gauge and improve the in-person attendee experience. The collaboration will continue at key Northstar events worldwide, including SMU International, March 11-13 at the New York Marriott Marquis; the Meetings Show Asia Pacific, April 17-18 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore; and the Meetings Show, June 19-20 at Excel London in the U.K.

During each event, Zenus will showcase its cutting-edge facial analysis technology, designed to evaluate audience engagement and sentiment. This AI-driven solution will focus on gauging room energy by analyzing anonymized sentiment scores based on changing facial expressions, which can be further categorized by demographics.

The primary goal of the collaboration is to empower event organizers with insightful data by demonstrating the practical application and benefits of AI in real-time event scenarios. By understanding audience engagement levels and preferences, organizers can craft more impactful and engaging educational experiences. This aligns with Zenus’ and Northstar's shared commitment to enhancing the event industry through innovative technology and ethical data practices.

“Our partnership with Northstar Meetings Group marks a significant step in our mission to bring ethical AI data to the forefront of event planning and management,” said Panos Moutafis, CEO and co-founder of Zenus. “By harnessing the power of AI in a responsible and anonymized manner, we are revolutionizing how event engagement is measured and enhanced.”

“At our events we seek to show industry professionals how it’s done, as opposed to telling them,” said David Blansfield, executive vice president and group publisher, Northstar Meetings Group. “Zenus’s technology is a game-changer for event organizers. With ROE – return on experience – now a top priority, our attendees will be excited to see how easy to implement and impactful their tools can be for their events.”

Consult the Northstar Meetings Group events calendar for more information about upcoming events.

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