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Pigeonhole Live

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Pigeonhole Live

Pigeonhole Live is a leading interactive Q&A and polling platform that transforms ordinary meetings and events into dynamic, engaging experiences. With a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, Pigeonhole Live introduces its groundbreaking AI Translation feature, allowing attendees from around the world to ask questions in their preferred language. This innovative tool breaks down language barriers, ensuring that every voice is heard and every question is valued, regardless of language differences.

In addition to enabling real-time multilingual interaction, Pigeonhole Live offers AI Insights, a powerful post-event analysis tool. AI Insights provides organisers with a comprehensive sentiment analysis, revealing the overall mood and opinions of the audience. It also summarises key discussions, highlighting the most impactful topics and insights shared during the event. This valuable feedback enables organisers to measure the success of their event, understand attendee engagement, and identify areas for improvement.

Pigeonhole Live's user-friendly interface and seamless integration with many event platforms make it the ideal choice for in-person, virtual and hybrid events. Whether you're hosting a sales team meeting, an industry conference, or an international exhibition, Pigeonhole Live improves the attendee experience by promoting active participation and meaningful conversations.

With its commitment to innovation and inclusivity, Pigeonhole Live is redefining the standards for interactive events. By empowering attendees to communicate in their own language and providing organisers with actionable insights, Pigeonhole Live is setting a new benchmark for engagement and accessibility in the MICE industry.


3 Fusionopolis Way
#13-23 Symbiosis
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  • Pigeonhole Live's AI Translation is a powerful tool designed to enhance communication and inclusivity in meetings and events, whether they are in-person, virtual or hybrid formats.
  • Pigeonhole Live's AI Insights offers a sophisticated analysis of audience sentiment, enabling organisers to make informed decisions for better meeting and event outcomes.


  • Feeling disengaged from your audience? Pigeonhole Live is your secret to a more lively and engaged audience, despite them being on mute. Connect, engage and collaborate effectively with your team.


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