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Dami Kim

Dami Kim

Director, Body & Brain Wellness
Dami Kim is the Director of Corporate Wellness at Body & Brain Wellness, bringing over 25 years of expertise to the forefront of wellness innovation. Recognized for her contributions to the field, Dami is main Wellness Speaker at Caesars Entertainment and has been featured on prestigious platforms such as Skift Meetings, Northstar Meetings Group, Smart Meetings, Meetings Today, Prevue Meetings and Corporate Event News, where she shares her insights on Stress Management, Brain Wellness, and Emotional Well-being. Leading a dynamic team, Dami orchestrates various wellness activities, including multi-modality wellness classes, workshops, and retreats. Her mission is to unlock the full potential of individuals, promoting a life marked by health, happiness, and peace. Formerly serving as the CEO of Body & Brain with 80 locations across the US, she is now crafting transformative wellness experiences for conferences and workplaces in the U.S. and overseas. Dami holds certifications as a Health Coach, Life Coach, and Brain Management Consultant. She also extends her expertise to the academic realm, teaching Tai Chi at Wongu University of Oriental Medicine.