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Rosa Liu

Rosa Liu

Director of the Taiwan MICE Project Office of the MOEA
Ms. Rosa Liu is a respected figure in the MICE industry, currently serving as Director of the Taiwan MICE Project Office of the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs. With over a decade of experience, she has led impactful initiatives, notably managing the prestigious "MEET TAIWAN Project Office" since 2012. Ms. Liu's expertise extends to International Conference Management, Exhibition Management, and Business Travel, as evidenced by her certifications in these areas. Additionally, she is a dedicated sustainability promoter, integrating eco-friendly practices into MICE events under her purview. She has played a pivotal role in advancing Taiwan's MICE sector, fostering its growth domestically and enhancing its global reputation. Ms. Liu's visionary leadership and strategic endeavors, combined with her commitment to sustainability, have positioned Taiwan as a key player in the international MICE landscape, earning her recognition and respect within the MICE industry.