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Bravura is our meetings platform partner, and will provide both the appointment system and the official event app. This is where exhibitors and hosted buyers can access their meetings diary, prioritise who they would like to meet, and see their appointments, once they have been matched.

Access the Bravura platform now!

Simply click on the link below

Bravura URL:

Username: <registered email>
Password: WeLoveTMSAPAC

Use this link to go in and make your buyer selections.

For main stand holders looking to add stand shares / stand partners, first Add Your Stand Sharers via your ezone menu.

At a later date, your stand staff will have access to Bravura to use as an event app, but first ensure that you have registered them.
Do this by heading to the Exhibitor Badges page shown on the left menu bar on the ezone home page.




Can a meeting location be changed?

Once booked it cannot. To change the location you will need to cancel the appointment and rebook. 

How do I filter the attendee list?

Under the “Attendee" tab, you’ll see all the visible buyers that are on Bravura. On the left-hand side, you will be able to filter the list by badge type, product and services interested in, primary activity and geographic responsibility.

How do I make a connection and arrange a meeting?

The Meetings Show Asia Pacific will match exhibitors and buyers automatically based on their selection criteria. Go in an make your selections as soon as you can, before the matching starts.

How many diaries does my stand have, and how do I add more?

You have one diary as standard per stand so you can take one appointment in each available time slot. You can increase your capacity by contacting